Routes, excursions and treking in Ibiza


During recent years the residents of Ibiza in the regional community of the Balearic Islands have seen an increasing amount of visitors interested in an intelligent and respectful tourism.  It is true that our island is known for its attractive night life but a large amount of visitors choose this destination for relaxation and enjoyment.

The leisure time offer is extensive and the same applies to the offer of rural accommodation. In general, the stay lasts between three and ten days, the intention being to absorb a variety of experiences: beaches, coves, sports, night life, restaurants, shopping and getting to know the island. Above all the last requisite is frequently asked for.

All year round, visitors who rent cars can be seen driving around the island to discover hidden coves, beautiful scenery, ancient farmhouses and traditional cooking in out of the way areas.  If they do not have a good guide available they miss out on visiting some of the more enchanting places rarely seen by the mass tourism. 

The guided tours are usually realised in large groups transported in buses, minibuses or expeditions of jeeps. There is hardly any offer destined to smaller guided groups where the visitor has personal contact with the guide and the local people.

A Project has been baptized by the name of Ibizaexplora in order to cover this necessity. Instead of renting a car and trying to discover the island without previous knowledge of the area and consequently risking getting lost, theft, dangerous roads, etc., we suggest excursions accompanied by an experienced guide Jaime Espinosa Noguera, who has worked in Environmental Conservation for the Balearic Government in the ‘Amunts Nature Interpretation Centre’, organising guided tours for official education centres, associations and the general public.

There are six excursions offered whose itinerary is carried out with transport and partly on foot.  They have been selected by preference of visitors who enjoyed our nature and rural countryside.