• EL PAISAJE RURAL DE IBIZA. Parroquia de Sant Llorenc. Foto. Jaime Espinosa
  • Torre La arquitectura tradicional payesa es un atractivo que no se puede pasar por alto.
  • EL PAISAJE RURAL DE IBIZA. Font des Verger en Morna. Foto. Jaime Espinosa
  • Parroquia de Sant Llorenç. Foto Jaime Espinosa.
  • Torre des Verger a Sant Miquel de Balansat / Casa payesa: la arquitectura tradicional es un atractivo que no se puede pasar por alto.
  • Font des Verger en Morna. Foto Jaime Espinosa.

This excursion surprises visitors. We will see a green island full of woods, farmhouses, and cultivated fields from ancient times, enchanting roads and magic springs with stories of elves. We intend to escape from the noise of mass tourism in Ibiza.

Departure from the meeting point on foot arriving at the Sant Llorenç de Balàfia church.  From here taking a path, direction west, a brief explication informs us about the rural countryside existing from the first human inhabitants up to the Muslims passing through Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans and Byzantines. While the excursion proceeds on foot we will show the different plants and flora from the island in the woods and in the cultivated land. Shortly afterwards we will arrive at a spring used in Andalusian times known as the Font de Canadella.  Here we stop to hear about the history of our island inviting the visitor to imagine different historical events between the X1 and XX1 century. This is highly recommended.  We will also introduce you to a part of Ibicencan patrimonial history little known by tourists dating to Muslims time. It is called a ¨qnat¨.  Afterwards we return calmly by the same path back to the church mentioned above. Here another explication is given about the historical changes caused by the Catalan-Aragon’s conquest in the rural scenery.

While descending from the church to the carpark we will explain about the evolution and the consequent demographic explosion in the X1X century. Finishing in the departure point explaining about the ¨tourist boom¨ and the arrival of the actual crisis and its consequences in the rural community now.
If there is time, we can take the vehicles on a short itinerary visiting land that has escaped the construction boom which has destroyed part of our island. We will visit a well called Albarqueta which has existed since ancient times.

This magic place is ideal to learn about the rural mythology and superstitons which are still recognised in these days. From the vehicles we will see farmhouses more than three hundred years old. These are examples of the authentic traditional arquitecture so admired by present day arquitects. We will explain about the origin of these houses. The stops will be brief except for the last one which is at an up to date farm with irrigated land where we can buy local produce.

  • Difficulty
  • Easy
  • Estimated time
  • Between 3 and 4 hours.  The first route is on foot where we learn about the exploitation of rural land since Mussulman times taking about two hours.  Afterwards we will take the vehicles and visit rural areas of the northern part of the island, apart from making short stops to explain interesting points, arriving back at the Sant Llorenç de Balàfia carpark.
  • Recommended for...
  • Lovers of cultural tourism, who like the countryside with its historical patrimony and ancient farmhouses, paths, springs and wells. Together with stories from the island unknown to the tourist guides.  The excursion is for people interested in the history or our island.  It is also adequate for people who like easy walks and contact with nature the scenery and the island’s archaeology. Don’t forget it is possible to purchase local fresh produce.
  • Equipment
  • Heeled shoes and flip-flops are not advisable. You can wear boots, sports shoes or any comfortable shoes for walking on tarmac and paths. In summer it is advisable to cover our heads and wear sunglasses and use solar protection as well as bringing a bottle of water and a snack.  Don’t forget in rainy weather you will need a waterproof jacket and adequate warm clothing if it is cold.
  • Departure Point
  • The Sant Llorenç de Balàfia car park. With a map of Ibiza in front of us we will see a road leaving Ibiza direction Santa Eulària del Riu. After about 8 kilometers, after a roundabout, we will take a left turn to the village of Sant Joan de Labritja. Approximately at kilometer 14 of this road we will take another left turn in direction Sant Llorenç de Balàfia. Following a long stretch of straight road we will find a large car park on our left. We have arrived. Consult also the web page of Ibizabus.
  • Price
  • 1 person: 50 € (the company provides transport and fuel)
  • 2 people: 30 € each (the company provides transport and fuel)
  • 3 to 4 people: 20 € each (the company provides transport and fuel)
  • Groups of 5 to 10 people: 10 € each (the clients provide own transport)
  • Groups of 11 to 20 people: 8 € each (the clients provide own transport)

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